Who is Aussie Data Tech Rising?

We are an Australian owned and operated business, specialising in the development of custom websites and office databases. Aussie Data Tech Rising deliver customised marketing plans along with the development of websites to get your business noticed. We also deliver personalised I.T support coupled with amazing design and expert advice. Our friendly and experienced staff are ready to assist you in taking your business to the next level, providing real business solutions and modernising the connection between businesses and customers.


Whether its advertising products and services online or creating a modern contact point for customers.

Aussie Data Tech Rising provide full customisation by creating the layout, graphics and functionality of your websites.

Your website is the gateway to your business and the possibilities are limitless. We can arrange domain registration, provide a full host setup services, and provide continued host support to ensure that your site stays live.

Customised Websites. We don't use templates! Aussie Data Tech Rising provide full customisation by creating the layout, graphics and functionality of your websites design to enhance the vision of your business and meet your requirements. Full customisation website packages with Animations, Graphics, Logos, Tabbed or Linked pages to suit your business requirements and vision. Advertise your Products, Services, Price lists, Catalogues, Business Focus, Team members, Reviews, Blogs, Testimonies, add One click Contact, Call, Google Map Directions, etc. Aussie Data Tech Rising can arrange domain registration, provide a full host setup services, and provide continued host support to ensure that your site stays live.

Website Development Custom websites from the basic to the fully optimised. If you can dream it we can make it a reality. Our web designers can help make your business stand out amongst the competition. We know source coding and we know marketing.

Custom designed website. Features custom logos, custom animated buttons, graphics. Pages include, Home, Services, Products, Contact. Custom links. Custom footer with contact links. Domain Registration, host setup & Google Indexing (Domain and Host setup fees are additional)

Custom Website Add Ons The following add on features could make your site more user friendly and get you more out of your website

  • Search Site feature
  • Jump to Section
  • Navigation Pane for mobile devices
  • Custom Header or Footer
  • Click to call &
  • Click to find Google Directions.

Website Management Website maintenance can be a nightmare. We can arrange your site management from $300 a month. This includes minor alterations to your website such as pricing, adding/removing products. Fees are evaluated on a business level as major changes and time constraints have additional fees.


Databases are used for a multitude of business tasks, eliminating some of the hard work from the workplace.

Your business can easily maintain an up to date record of customer details, invoices, sales records, account keeping, inventory, sales projections and so much more.

Stock takes and Tax time can be stressful. We custom develop office databases for small businesses.

Maintain the management and get control of your business' customer records, accounting, invoicing and reporting. Ensure that records are compiled accurately every time and take some of the hard work out of the work place and free up time wasted on accounting.

Office Database Options Custom Designed Office Database to Suit Your Business Requirements. Customer Records, Accounting, Invoicing and Dual Invoicing with Full Tax and GST Reporting, Inventory / Stock Record Monitoring, Sales Tracking, Business Projection Reporting. Auto Generated Invoice Reminder Letters, Employee Tracking and more.


We take business serious and assist you in getting you back into business fast. We provide I.T Support Services to assist you in modernising your business needs. We install PCs and Networks at your home or office. Our experienced and friendly staff can come to your home or office to assess your business requirements and discuss business solutions.

With onsite technical support we can assist you with, file and account management, networking, marketing, website updates (such as promotions, repricing, stock photos and such), provide you with Web Host Support Services, ensuring that your business gets the most out of your hosting, arrange domain registration and optimise your search engine indexing.

We can Suport your business with software and hardware integration, remedy a multitude of issues on PC's, Laptop's and Portable Devices that are used to manage your ever growing business requirements.

We Come to You.

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