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Australian owned and Operated.

Specialising in the development of custom websites and office databases.

  • Aussie Data Tech Rising deliver customised marketing plans along with the development of websites to get your business active in the ever changing online market space.
  • Our friendly and experienced staff are ready to assist you in taking your business to the next level.
  • We provide real business solutions, modernising the connection between your businesses and your customers.
  • We deliver personalised I.T support coupled with amazing design and expert advice.

Every business is unique. We tailor a website marketing package to best suit your business needs.

Website Design and Development

Tailored by our Marketing & Research Team, Designed by our Graphics Team and Developed by our Programmers.

Whether its advertising products and services online or creating a modern contact point for customers. Aussie Data Tech Rising provide full customisation by creating the layout, graphics and functionality of your websites.

Your website is the gateway to your business and the possibilities are limitless. We can arrange domain registration, provide a full host setup services, and provide continued host support to ensure that your site stays live.

Website Development Custom websites from the basic to the fully optimised. If you can dream it we can make it a reality. Our web designers can help make your business stand out amongst the competition. We know source coding and we know marketing.

Customised Websites. Aussie Data Tech Rising provide full customisation by creating the layout, graphics and functionality of your websites design to enhance the vision of your business and meet your requirements. Full customisation website packages with Animations, Graphics, Logos, Tabbed or Linked pages to suit your business requirements and vision. Advertise your Products, Services, Price lists, Catalogues, Business Focus, Team members, Reviews, Blogs, Testimonies, add One click Contact, Call, Google Map Directions, etc. Aussie Data Tech Rising can arrange domain registration, provide a full host setup services, and provide continued host support to ensure that your site stays live.

Custom designed website. Features custom logos, custom animated buttons, graphics. Pages include, Home, Services, Products, Contact. Custom links. Custom footer with contact links. Domain Registration, host setup & Google Indexing (Domain and Host setup fees are additional)

Custom Website Add Ons

Specialised Custom Add Ons enable new features that will make your website even more user friendly. Saving customers time in finding the info they need fast. Answering commonly asked questions about your business on your wevsite, will save time and questions when they reach out to you. Search Site feature, Jump to Section, Navigation Pane for mobile devices, Custom Header or Footer, Click to call & Click to find Google Directions. Constructive time is the beneficial time you spend interacting with your customers.

Website Management

Website maintenance can be a nightmare. We can arrange your site management from $275 a month. This includes alterations to your website such as pricing, adding/removing products, updating catalogues, upcoming events and so on. Most businesses don't have enough time to update their online presence during operation hours and after hours is commonly out of the question. We can do it all for you.


Tailored To Suit Your Ever Growing Business Needs.


Databases are used for a multitude of business tasks, eliminating some of the hard work from the workplace.

Your business can easily maintain an up to date record of customer details, invoices, sales records, account keeping, inventory, sales projections and so much more.

Stock takes and Tax time can be stressful. We custom develop office databases for small businesses.

Maintain customer records, accounting, invoicing and reporting, compiled accurately every time and take some of the hard work out of the work place.

Office Database Options Custom Designed Office Database with Customer Records, Accounting, Invoicing, Tax and GST Reporting, Inventory / Stock Monitoring, Sales Tracking, Business Projection Reporting. Auto Generated Invoice Reminder Letters, Employee Tracking and more.


Home and Office Technical Needs Handled with Pace and Care

We know that support is key to success in the fast paced ever changing world of digital marketing and digital technology. Tech support can be difficult attain and is often far more expensive then it needs to be. To us, a business doing well promotes good business, especially when we know how simple most issues are to handle. We also know how hard it can be to get reliable service at True Blue Aussie prices.

We provide the Best in I.T Support with fast reliable service to get your PC Installations, Networks, Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Programming, Coding, Website Updates, Indexing and General Tech Support issues solved without the headaches. The world is a repeat of experiences and we treat every issue and customer as if it was our own family member having to ask for the assistance. This means that in many cases a mere phone call for advice can get you through.

When a walk through over the phine won't suffice we come to you. We pulled all of our hair out learning Information Technology so you don't have to. Hands on learning is key to the future of fixing issues.

We often get phone calls with customers telling us they just conqured a moiuntain having the same issue down the track as last time we supported them. They watched and learnt last time how to fix the issue and learnt a few things along the way too. That makes our time valued. To us it is, I.T Support with a difference. Be Good to Others Good Things Happen and that's a fact.

Give us a call and see how we can help in providing the assistance you need right now.

Specialised Services

Accessing Our Range of Services is just the Beginning to Modernising Your Business.

Website Design

Marketing Research, Graphics, Web Features, Usability and Functionality all Tailored to Suit Your Business needs. We develop a website which stands out amongst the rest to provide maximum impact and reach more of the customers who are searching for your products and services.


Website Management

Your online presence is the gateway to your business and changes happen in Real Time during business hours.

Maintaining Your Website can be very time consuming. Many businesses know how difficult it is finding that extra time to update their websites content in a timely manner whilst managing a business.

We will update your content saving You Time, We provide the best in real time support so new stock, promotions and events are online when you need it, Fast... Enabling You Do What Matters Most.

Host and Domain Support

We expertly manage the often confusing schemata and take all of the hassel out of maintaing your online presence.

We do this by managing your sites Domain and Host cPanels, Maintain Payments, Renewals and monitor the best value for your business' requirements.

Give us a call and tell us how we can help.

Database Packages

We Tailor an Office Database Package to Suit Your Business Needs. Inventory, Stock Levels, Customers & Accounting Managed Best


I.T Support

We Come to You, Providing The Best in I.T Support. Networks, Printers, Scanners, Copiers and more, Installations Fast & Reliable.

Our Specialists deliver fast econmical I.T Support which can enable your business to keep moving forward.


Looking for strategies on navigating your online indexing. We can help. Our Expert Advice is aimed at keeping your business fresh and modern in an ever changing business world.

We Provide Expert Advice on Business, Marketing and Tech, Keeping You at the Forefront of the Modern Business World


We provide web development coupled with advanced marketing strategies to bring your business ahead of the rest. Our trained and experienced developers are waiting to assist you right now to maximise your productivity and reach your business goals.


Aussie Data Tech Rising

Business Dreams Become a Reality

Chief Software Engineer

Greg. Programmer and Software Developer with 23 Years Experience. Dual Degree, Managing Director of Aussie Data Tech Rising Lead Programmer and Researcher Research Competition Algorithms, Developing Online Marketing Strategies _ BAppSc(CompSc) Bachelor Degree in Applied Science Computer Science BComm&Media Bachelor Communication and Media (Marketing)

Gexa (Hyogi Li)

Formidable Programmer with Over 15 Years Experience in Software Engineering Specialising in Online Game Development, Graphics and Web Design. Gexa prefers to be behind the camera and infront of three screens coding. Gexa Possesses a Mastery in Graphical Engineering and is Our Lead in GFX Specialist. Gexa enables the ultimate graphical engineering, bringing business dreams into reality. _ BAppSc(CompSc) Bachelor Degree in Applied Science Computer Science

Content Collaborators

Our part time Socilites Specialising in the content which grab attention fast and forge a lasting impression. They are our first port of call to gauge the Functionality, Layout, Design, Usability and Content prior to launching new websites and databases.

Better Design Means Better Reach

We promise excellence above all else to reach the customers your business needs. We believe in maintaining the best delivery methods thereby maintaining assurity not to leave our customers behind in the ever changing face of marketing.

We promise to incorporate only the best proven marketing strategies to keep your business seen, heard and adopted by the widest customer base possible suiting your business. Our goal is simple. Fast Reliable Marketing aimed at reaching as many custimers possible, whilst alleviating time wasted explaining the easy to answer questions before customers reach you.

How does it work? Short version, people are impatient and want to know everything there is to know now and that means no answering twenty questions on the phone as people call with thirty seconds to spare. Fast Reliable Marketing NOW.

Together we can design, the layout, feel and functionality of your website and we will the best online presence for your business. We provide the research and functionality you desire and provide all the results you seek to reach customers. Lets build a future where dreams become reality and work together, as a team. Together, we can develop the best solutions for your business and reach maximum potential right now.

Years of experience We write all the code. We don't use templated website platforms. Why? Because when hosts change aspects of their precoded platform, websites have a tendency to crash. Our coding is efficiently written by us meaning, any programmer / developer can edit the code at any time to update a site without worrying about it crashing.


Average Completion Time On average our major projects are completed within thirty four days. This includes marketing research, and design development.

Average Hours to complete a major website is 374 hours of research, design, graphics, development and fine tuning to launch a uniquely complex and modern website. However, it generally takes 160 hours to complete a unique though less complex website.

Current Major Projects Major projects include websites and databases with a complex nature. We cater for our customers to be involved in the planning stage to increase the success of completion.

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Website Design

Layout and Style to Suit

Build a Website to Suit Your Business and Have Your Impact On The Ever Growing Market, Now.

Market Research

Leading Research Increases Market Share

Reach the customers that are searching for your services and products. We Always Look Online.


Records Made Simple

Invoicing, Records, Accounting and Tax Time Reporting are Made Easier. Saving You Valuable Time.

I.T Support

Expert Advice and Support Made Easy

Call Our Expert Team Today.


Website Management Made Easy

We Can: Update Catalogues, Update Pricings, Update Stock Listings, Upload and Alter Images and Support Your Online Business by Managing Your Domain and Hosting.


Contact Us


We come to you servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan City, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast

For interstate and international Customers we are happy to utilise our online support to assist you.

0450 564 767

Are You looking to Modernise, Update or Renew Your Online Presence? Do you need I.T, Host or Domain Support? Call today and discover the possibilities.



In the business world, Good Business, Loyalty and Trust is Rewarded with Loyalty, Repeat Work and Great Word of Mouth Referals. We are confident in our effort that delivers the best at all times.

We take privacy extremely serious that's why our team maintains a strict set of guidelines which encompasses Trust and Loyalty to All of Our Customers. We do not share your trade secrets with the competition because loyalty is the number one facet of good business.

We navigate your marketing needs with leading research and protect inside knowledge to ensure that trade secrets are kept in their rightful place, with you and your business.

We're sure that you'll love our work and whether it's a week, a month a year or thirty years from here on, we know that if you ever need assistance with your business, you'll have the comfort in knowing that we're always here and trusted to keep you on track for greatness. That is our promise that we give to you.

We do however share our own trade secrets with you to excel your business. Yep, that's right. We share the best advice enabling you to advance your business, get ahead of the pack and spread the word of a job well done. We know, once we've done our job, we've done it well every time.

Give us a call today. We're ready to bring your business into the future of business. 0450 564 767